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Party Crazy!

My name is Helen, and I am a party animal! I am always, ALWAYS looking for a reason to have a party! Sometimes I don’t even need a reason! I am party crazy! Fortunately, so is my family, so I always have support from them. When I was a child, I remember my own parents would throw weekend get-togethers, and my Mama had a group of friends that would come over and play Bingo, Scrabble, and Canasta. So, I guess, I got the “party fever” way back then. Partying for me is all about the FUN! I enjoy to see other people having fun and laughing! Of course, partying should also include some great food, too! The bigger the YUM the bigger the FUN! It’s not hard to figure out, too, that the home party planning industry was a HUGE hit with me! I have had just about every home party that you can think of! From Tupperware, Pampered Chef, and Tastefully Simple….to Scentsy, PartyLite, Home Interiors, and Christmas Around the World! I LOVE ’em! I especially enjoy my home parties with direct selling companies, because not only do I get free product, but I get the chance to relax, release, and relate with my friends! It’s all about the relationships! A party is not a party if no one is there! Believe you me, I can have just as much fun at a party of 5 as I can at a party of 15! If there are at least three people there (2 friends + me), then I consider it a party! The BEST Scentsy party I ever had the pleasure of doing was with a hostess and three of her friends. We didn’t play any games, nor did we do a “door prize” drawing, and we all had a blast! I got 2 bookings from that party, but the best thing about it, was the FUN, and laughter that we all shared! We just all sat around for hours just talking, laughing, smelling ALL 80+ scents in my kit, and giving our opinions on each smell! Let me say, that it was actually the longest party I’ve ever done, too! The party itself lasted over 4 hours! We were having so much fun that we didn’t even notice the time! The party began at 6pm and I didn’t get home until 10:45pm! I only lived 10 minutes away! It was the most amazing experience that I have encountered in my 4+ years in direct sales. It had nothing to do with the sales or bookings. It had EVERYTHING to do with the relationships, the laughter, and the FUN! It was the epidomy of why I am party crazy and love what I do! So, find a reason to party and have fun! If you can’t find a reason, then party on, anyway! Friends, fun, and laughter are three great reasons to have a party! Actually, they’re the ONLY reasons!


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